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Connoisseur 2 years ago
If you look at the video from 7:30 you see her actual cum. A big blob of it run down her ass. Later you notice his dick has it all around it (its a thicker milky color not clear like water). I Believe she either drinks lots of water or has water in her vagina. Either way they are a very attractive couple (professional for sure) and make good quality productions. Her orgasms are 100% real and she might be one of those girls who get off easier when needing to urinate. Keep up the good work.
2 years ago
I'm kinda jealous she has that amazing orgasms
Daddy 2 years ago
If you think this is fake you're just admitting you've never made someone squirt
help 2 years ago
guys i need help, my gf hasn't been able to hang out for the last month and a half, everytime i text asking to hang out with her she says she can't or is too busy. I feel like she might either be cheating on me or geniunly doesn't want to spend time with me anymore and i don't know what to do. (for context: we've been together for around 3-4 months, we haven't had sex, but gotten pretty close to doing it, and i've always tried to be as nice as i can with her, and i've always asked for consent)
Wake up America 2 years ago
The bladder is right next door to the “g spot”
Billy 2 years ago
What a beautiful woman and a lovely looking wet pussy, i'd love to ride that.
2 years ago
My cock is the hardest fight now love stroking myself while watching this video!!!! Love it
1 year ago
what is the name of the last video please
Shaun 1 year ago
Where do one find a pussy like this
2 years ago
Seagram's for me please.